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About Us

Uncover why we’re the experts! We’re commited to crafting exceptional custom bedding for caravans, boats, and any irregular shaped beds. We tailor everything to your unique needs. Explore our journey.

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Delivering the Best Custom Sheets for Caravans, Boats & Irregular Shaped Beds

Step into the vibrant world of Custom Sheet House, where we weave magic into custom-made sheets for caravans, boats, and beds that defy convention.

Meet Our Master Craftswoman

Charmaine William is the powerhouse behind our exceptional custom sheets. With over three decades of experience, Charmaine’s impressive track record includes collaborating with renowned international brands like… Billabong, Sunseeker, Avida, Maratino, Riviera, Cooly Rocks On, Q1, John Croft Interiors and Jim Raptis just to name a few.

Charmaine’s precision and passion for quality stitching are the secret ingredients that make our sheets stand out in the crowd.

So, welcome to our wild world of custom sheets, where each product is customised to your unique preferences, lifestyle, and those beds that defy convention. We’re excited to infuse comfort and personality into every thread and stitch, making your sheets a testament to your exceptional taste and needs.

Our Approach

At Custom Sheet House, we understand that not all beds fit the traditional mold. Whether you have a caravan with a sleeping nook shaped like a pretzel, a boat cabin with bunk dimensions that rival Tetris, an RV with a bed setup that puzzles even the experts, or just a bed at home that’s one of a kind, our custom sheets are designed to fit them like a glove.

For Individuals & Businesses

Whether you’re an individual with a vision for extraordinary bedding or a business with unique industrial sewing needs, Custom Sheet House is your creative partner. We bring to life the perfect fusion of quality and style. Your caravan, boat, RV, or home will be dressed in sheets that turn heads and fit those quirky beds perfectly.


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What else can you get

Creating Your Choice: Bedding, Interior Pieces, and Roman Blinds in Any Fabric

Collaborate with Designers

We welcome collaboration with interior designers to bring your unique visions to life. Let’s create stunning spaces together.

Roman Blinds

We specialise in crafting custom Roman blinds tailored to your style, design, and fabric preferences. Transform your space with our personalised creations.


Elevate your sleeping space with our exquisite bedspreads. Impeccable style, quality, and comfort come together for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Mattress Protectors

Discover our mattress protectors, meticulously designed for your comfort and protection. Safeguard your sleep with our premium bedding solutions.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Charmaine’s custom caravan sheets are a game-changer! They’re super comfy, look fancy, and fit perfectly. We’re sleeping like babies on them.


Charmaine’s sheets are pure perfection for our camper! She nails the cozy factor. I love everything about them and will order again!


“These sheets for my cruiser are awesome! Perfect fit and they’re super soft. Kudos to the maker for excellent service. “


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Mission

Our mission at Custom Sheet House is to craft custom sheets that perfectly fit your unique spaces. From caravans and boats to RVs and unconventional beds. With over two decades of industrial expertise, we infuse quality and style into every stitch, making your dreams a comfortable and personalised reality.

Our Vision

Our vision at Custom Sheet House is to be the go-to destination for bespoke bedding solutions, ensuring that every customer, whether in a caravan, boat, RV, or home, experiences the perfect blend of comfort, individuality, and quality in every sheet. Our vision is to innovate and set new standards  that go well beyond the ordinary.